Publishing Guides on Collaborative Skill-Building. Member Spotlight: David Savage

Mediators Beyond Borders: Find out how you can get involved with Mediators Beyond Borders. Our Mission and Values People-Centered Peacebuilding: Chaos to Collaboration Prabha Sankaranarayan, President & CEO of MBBI, discusses its role as an international non-governmental organization building local skills for peace and promoting mediation worldwide Member Spotlight: David B. Savage, as President of Savage

In a Fight: Decide Together on How You Resolve the Conflict.

Get Above the Conflict. Photo by David B Savage When you are in a conflict, come together to decide the best pathway to success. Coming together and designing together starts the collaborative process and starts to rebuild possibilities. Dispute Resolution Key Questions; In an increasingly short-term, task-oriented and competitive industry, how can we encourage more

How to Effectively Deal with Conflict

You are in conflict personally and professionally every moment. How you effectively you deal with those conflicts determines your future success, support, and opportunities. I am in conflict every day. While I get angry, judgmental and afraid, I set my intention on how I choose to effectively deal with conflict. Here is an excerpt from

What skills do we need now? A Road Map to 2020

We have a rough and winding road from 2017 to 2020. And what is around that corner? Are there floods, tree falls, behind locked gates, or will we clear the way? What do we need to equip ourselves with to navigate to where we dream to be? Photo by David B. Savage Over the years,

Mastering Leadership and Negotiation: In that space is our power.

Here are all of the places we negotiate each day. Transcripts from Dr. Bob Acton’s Mastering Leadership Podcast. Welcome to the Mastering Leadership Show where it’s all about practical ideas to help you get results and build powerful relationships. Every week, we discuss strategies and interview experts to help you strengthen your leadership using factual

When Will We Rebuild Our Barn?

Our barn is no longer serving us. In some ways, our barn is now a hazard. By barn, think of how we collaborate, innovate and unlock possibilities. Our regulatory, political, business and social structures are failing us. Rather than paint over or patch, Consider a redesign. Today, many focus solely on what’s in it for

These are some of the people that you can collaborate with. I do. I am.

All the people in the world that make collaboration work; my team. Every time I visualize a new project to serve the interests of my clients and our shared future, I explore ways to “real-ize” my vision. In business and not for profits, we have great boards of directors. For solo-prenuers, I have always coached

David B Savage

David B Savage