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New Webinar Series

picol_computer_addA Break Through to Yes series of 12 weekly 50-minute webinars for team and leaders to develop their collaborative skills and successes.

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Business forced into silos must give way to open and agile systems that better suit today’s needs. The costs of command and control leadership are getting higher. When a company starts making mistakes, tries to force its agenda on others or is in conflict with its stakeholders, the consequences are significant. People revolt and profit margins destroyed; projects get delayed in regulatory and community review for extended lengths of time; employees simply don’t give their best because they do not trust the systems they work in, especially when they have little influence in the processes or programs in which they are involved. The costs to organizations can be both internal and external disengagement, rejection by regulatory bodies and governments, impacted communities, and even damage to the environment. Add to that a wide range of human costs including everything from depression, conflict, suicide, marital breakdown and career paralysis to the loss of the intelligence and vision of the brightest people in your business simply because they mentally check out when they come to work. All this means lost productivity, lost opportunities to grow and prosper, and distracted leaders and workers who no longer feel able to do good work.

Leaders and organizations, however, can gain a key strategic advantage by avoiding all of this energy and revenue-sapping negativity by working together to build a culture of collaboration.

Simply put, you chose to commit to be part of the profound evolution of how leaders develop their teams, network,s and strategic advantages.

The Series

Session Focus

Why and What

What is collaboration and a collaborative culture? Why be a collaborative organization?

Assessment – introduction

Targeting your organizational goals and working together beyond

Delivering Results through Collaboration

Collaborative Leadership Assessment

Your Goals and working together


Step 1: Set Intention 

Declare Your Honest Purpose

Claiming Yours

Trust and Transparency

Step 2; Be Aware

Engage Others with an Open Heart

Know the Walls, Barriers, and Opportunities

How will you engage?

Step 3; Embrace Conflict

Seek Out Those that Speak Out

What is Most Important?

Saying No most often

Step 4; Seek Diversity

Bring In Many Perspectives

Enneagram for Collaborators

Where are the Gaps?

Step 5; Design The Collaboration 

Create the Right Container

What will You Do?

What are the elements that create great collaborations for you?

Step 6; Come Together

With Respect and Trust

Effective Facilitation

How will you Be? What will you Do?

Step 7; Listen Deeply

Realize What wants to be Heard but is not Spoken.

How may you listen at every level?

Timing and innovation

Step 8; Collaborate with Vision

Tap into the Collective Wisdom

What is the shared future you will create?

Look far past the obstacles to Your Dream

Step 9; Now Lead 

With Purpose and Accountability

When does leadership and collaboration empower one another?

What are the characteristics of a Great Collaborative Leader?

Step 10; Make It So!

Positively Change the Energy and Our Future

Round Table

Your Vision and team

Action Planning



Tuesday at 4:00 ET, 2:00 MT, 1:00 PT for 12 weeks beginning November 15, 2016 and ending February, 2017. No classes December 20 or 27th.

More Resources Available

Break Through To Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration, the book on Audible, eBook and in hardcover from all bookstores and online stores.

Break Through To Yes with Collaboration, the podcast series with 26 episodes and 46 guests, free for download.

Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment for teams. A formal review of the Collaborative Leadership of your team and yourself.

The Collaborative Leadership Workbook with Doreen Liberto.

Website tools and information; davidbsavage.com

Break Through to Yes – Chapters at a Glance

  • The Future Depends on Collaboration
  • Top Four Requirements of Collaboration
  • The Discipline of Collaboration
  • Opening Ourselves, Our Organization and Our Systems
  • An Assessment for Your Organization
  • Centre of Excellence in Collaborative Leadership
  • The Ten Essential Steps to Collaboration
  • The Dichotomy of Leadership Styles: Collaborative vs. Commanding
  • The Hidden Costs of Collaboration
  • Break Through

See Kirkus Review; https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/david-b-savage/break-through-to-yes/

Buy it; Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, Audible, and independent bookstores.


Webinar Series Pricing (per person before tax)

Packages Per Webinar 

Cdn$/ US$

Total package Cdn$/ US$
A)      One by one, individual webinars $75 / $56 $900 / $675
B)      12-week package for individual participants $40 / $30 $480 / $360
min 5 participants from one organization or group $37 / $28 $450 / $328
C)      Exclusive Organization 12 Week Series
To be custom designed for organization
Max 25, min 11 participants $35 / $26 $420 / $315
D)      Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment
Program and pricing will be custom designed based on your organizational interests, team and goals.
E)       Leadership Coaching adding to Webinar Series
Bi-weekly individual coaching, six 50 minute sessions $150 / $112 $900 / $675
F)       Leadership Coaching without Webinar Series
Bi-weekly individual coaching $200 / $150 $1250 / $900

Example; five participants registering together in B) above (12 webinars) plus 6 individual coaching sessions totals $1350 Cdn / $1000 US per person.

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Collaborative Leaders Circle

Do You Want to;

  • build your collaborative leadership skills?
  • directly connect with leaders from different industries, professions, perspectives, and cultures?
  • identify where the resources and peers you need are in the world?
  • create your own vision yet faced with organizational barriers?

Once you have taken the Webinar Series then join, by invitation only, our monthly Collaborative Leaders Circle. We start with a weekend together, progress through 10 monthly virtual meetings then celebrate our success together in person. Details on request.


“David Savage is deeply insightful and highly intuitive. He is a skilled and highly regarded practitioner with a strong sense of ethics and values. He has a profound commitment to personal and organizational transformation and can be counted on to be honest, resourceful and supportive. I recommend him highly.” Ken Cloke, Founder Mediators Beyond Borders

“An amazing facilitator who dances in the moment”. “Flawless intuition, informed passion and creative empathy combined to enrich us individually and as a team.” “A ground-breaking experience. The many “aha” moments we had in the sessions combined with the skills you gave us have been transformational.” Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT & Nunavut, Leadership Team

“David is a brilliant leader who is the expert when it comes to understanding the power of collaboration and creating an open culture/ open door environment for all. His ability to share information, target the needs of the audience, and engage their perspective was seamless. He not only shared ideas for action but had us create intentions based on the learning we took in. His authentic voice combined with insight on how to navigate the murky waters made a huge impact. Looking forward to the launch of your new book!”  Denise Baril, Founder, Workplace Speaker Network


Contact me

  • david@davidbsavage.com and 403-466-5577 for more information.Break Down the Barriers to Your Success with Collaboration!What is Your Vision?What and Who are the Resources available to you inside and beyond your organization?What is the process you will engage?How will you build your strategic advantage through a Culture of Collaboration?