What skills do we need now? A Road Map to 2020

We have a rough and winding road from 2017 to 2020. And what is around that corner? Are there floods, tree falls, behind locked gates, or will we clear the way? What do we need to equip ourselves with to navigate to where we dream to be? Photo by David B. Savage Over the years,

When Will We Rebuild Our Barn?

Our barn is no longer serving us. In some ways, our barn is now a hazard. By barn, think of how we collaborate, innovate and unlock possibilities. Our regulatory, political, business and social structures are failing us. Rather than paint over or patch, Consider a redesign. Today, many focus solely on what’s in it for

A Cultural Change Is Needed, Doreen Liberto, Guest Blog

The United States and many parts of the world have developed an unfortunate culture of debating, and not listening or understanding the other side.  We only have to watch the events of the 2016 US Presidential election.  “I’m right and you are wrong!”  People shout at each other, and fists start flying.  It’s these extreme

What Exactly is Collaboration? Actionable Books Blog

http://www.actionablebooks.com/en-ca/blog/what-exactly-is-collaboration/?platform=hootsuite “Collaboration is one of the most misused words today. It is thrown out in conversations without regard to what it actually means.” —Rod McKay, Chair, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Calgary, Alberta Our systems and organizational cultures do not function properly. Our regulatory and legal systems too often fail both the proponent and

What About A Centre of Excellence in Collaborative Leadership and Change Management?

World-wide, leading businesses are increasingly implementing centers of excellence as a means of efficiently and effectively managing specific complex business tasks. Centers of excellence are teams of people with specialized expertise who work together to develop and promote best practices in their area of responsibility. Centers of excellence, apply best practices and competencies and subject

David B Savage

David B Savage