"Break Through to Yes thoroughly examines the power of successful collaborations. Canadian collaboration expert Savage offers a work that couldn't be more timely... Highly readable, informative, and well-organized, this insightful work acts as a short-form textbook on the best practices in collaboration. A valuable volume for the senior leader of any group, business, or organization who wants to build a collaborative culture." Read Entire Review

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Breakthrough to Yes

BreakingThroughToYes_3D_4 BreakingThroughToYes_3D_2Most industry or department heads know and understand the importance of collaboration, but many lack direction on how to accomplish it. They now have an definitive resource to build a collaborative culture that empowers breakthrough thinking for all associated with their organization.

David Savage has been a businessman leading teams for forty years. During that time he has seen repeated failures that arise through conflict, misunderstanding, misalignment of the organization and its leadership, lost productivity, wasted time and wasted resources – all of which damage the success of the organization.

With his new book, Breakthrough to Yes (working title), Savage helps a leader and his team find success through leadership, negotiation, conflict management and, most importantly, collaboration.

Filled with hundreds of leaders’ perspective on collaboration, Savage is doing what he advises others to do by sharing their diverse and influential voice in this step-by-step book to collaborative enlightenment.

Break Through to Yes – Chapters at a Glance

  • The Future Depends on Collaboration
  • Top Four Requirements of Collaboration
  • The Discipline of Collaboration
  • Opening Ourselves, Our Organization and Our Systems
  • An Assessment for Your Organization
  • Centre of Excellence in Collaborative Leadership
  • The Ten Essential Steps to Collaboration
  • The Dichotomy of Leadership Styles: Collaborative vs. Commanding
  • The Hidden Costs of Collaboration
  • Break Through

See Kirkus Review; https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/david-b-savage/break-through-to-yes/

Breakthrough to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration

Break Through to Yes: The Foundations for Collaboration

Book 1 of the Collaborative Podcast Series

Break Through to Yes: The Collaborative Guest Podcasts

Book 2 of the Collaborative Podcast Series

Break Through to Yes: The 10 Essential Steps of Collaboration

Book 3 of the Collaborative Podcast Series

Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible with Collaboration

Book 4 of the Collaborative Podcast Series

Additional Published Works

  • Ready Aim Excel: 52 Leadership Lessons 

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  • Free magazine on Sustainability published by David B. Savage and Steve Speer.

Download here:  http://savagemanage.com/downloads/sustainIssue1.pdf

I am writing four new books:

  • Better by Design: Your Best Guide for Collaboration
  • Break Through To Yes: Generating Higher Value with Collaborative Negotiations
  • Break Through To Yes: Stay in Control of Your Conflicts
  • Savage Trails: A Weekly Exploration of Wilderness and Self
David B Savage

David B Savage